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Where We Teach

Currently, we provide integrative health classes to children and their families in East and West Harlem, Hell's Kitchen, and the Lincoln Square community. We work in tandem with five larger non-profit networks:

  • The Association to Benefit Children (ABC)

  • The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center (LSNC)

  • Union Settlement Association

  • Hartley House

  • The Police Athletic League (PAL).

Our early childhood program incorporates originally composed music that sets the stage for learning in imaginative ways. Our grade school program works to establish the fundamentals of having healthy bodies and minds through exercise, nutrition education and functional movement. 

"ABC’s humane and innovative programs today include early childhood education for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, educational advocacy, housing assistance, mental health services, family support and preservation, crisis intervention, therapeutic out-of-school and summer day camp programs, youth leadership development and mentoring."

"Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center was born over 100 years ago during the rise of the Settlement House movement. Throughout New York City, neighbors stood up and took responsibility for each other, working cooperatively to support and empower all who lived in their community. The result was the rise of neighborhoods where people shared a vision, were able to live safely and positively, and participate in their own and each other’s successes."

Union Johnson Early Learning Center is one of Union Settlement Association's  seven childcare and Head Start centers, serving over 500 children and their families in East Harlem. The early childhood centers support the cognitive, social, creative and physical development of children ages 2 to 5 in East Harlem. 

Founded in 1897, Hartley House exists to serve school-age children, youth, and seniors in Hell’s Kitchen by enriching their lives, expanding their opportunities, and building a sense of community. The Pied Piper Summer Day Camp provides recreational, social, and educational enrichment for children ages 4 to 12. The camp runs for 8 weeks in July and August and serves up to 175 children each year.

Police Athletic League (PAL): Summer Day Camp 

"PAL Summer Day Camp programs are designed to stimulate learning, foster creativity, and facilitate an appreciation of cultural diversity. Each year, PAL designs a thematic curriculum that focuses on a specific culture and/or historical subject. Each PAL Summer Day Camp is assigned a nation or region, culture and historical period to study. Throughout the summer, children work together on dance routines, costumes, art displays, skits and other performances."


Center for Preventative Medicine

11 West 67th Street

New York, NY 10023

Mabel Barrett Fitzgerald Day Care Center

243 West 64th Street

New York, NY 10023

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