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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was developed by LA PALESTRA staff who are Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitions, Clinical Social Workers, Music Specialists, and Dance Teachers. We currently serve more than 200 underserved students, and quickly are expanding. Each 45- minute class is designed around music and explores body part identification, nutritional elements, social skills, and exercise.

“When my son came home one day after LA PALESTRA, he said ‘Try it Mommy! You’ll like it.’ This time, he got me to eat my broccoli. ”

— "Laugh and Learn" Parent

“My child tells me all the time that milk will make me strong. It’s great our children are learning how to be healthy.”

— "Mighty Movers" Parent

All About Baby

"Its' all about you..."


This delightful class is designed to nurture, encourage, and stimulate baby’s five senses and promote caregiver/child bonding. 

Little ones light up when they hear LA PALESTRA’s original music, soothing voices, and colorful teaching points. Classes are geared toward enhancing language, motor, social, and nutrition skills in a safe, enjoyable, and supportive classroom setting. 

Laugh & Learn

"We're going to laugh and learn together..."


Toddlers laugh and learn through music and movement exercises, original music, and skill building activities. Children will enjoy making new friends, learning about how their bodies move, and exploring the benefits of nutrition. 

This energetic class includes playful and educational songs, safe and innovative movement activities, and enjoyable and engaging social interactions.

Kids on the Go

"Time to move our bodies..."


Children's bountiful mental and physical energy is utilized in a positive, constructive manner. Kids On the Go is designed specifically for children who love to learn, and are fascinated by themselves and the world around them. Weekly, each class focuses on a specific body part, nutritional element, and social skill.

This class is action-packed, encouraging creative and structured play, as well as engaging and imaginative skill building exercises.

Mighty Movers

"Mighty, mighty movers..."


This class is a creative and imagined adventure like no other! Mighty Movers will leave children stimulated and fully engaged.

We’ve designed a class that uses imagination to promote and teach children specified themes each semester, such as patience, how to share, listening skills, and promoting collaborative play, to name a few.

We step inside the circus tent with delightful characters that expose children to healthy foods, introductory exercise skills, and positive social interactions. We also pretend to travel across the U.S., introducing basic geography and themes in a new and interactive manner.

Mighty Movers enjoy the exciting and original music, make new friends, practice coping skills, and learn about a healthy lifestyle, all in the fun of exploring and developing their physical and emotional growth.

Mighty Movers graduate and receive their certificates! 

Mind-Body Builders

These highly specialized classes engage school age children (6- 10 year olds) in the integration of exercise, nutrition, and socialization.

Utilizing a group format, the children learn how the mind and body work together to create a healthy individual.The class challenges the children to learn and execute foundation exercises, discover nutrition information, practice positive interactive social skills, explore basic anatomy lessons, and experiment with math configurations.

Teachers use high energy through fun, musical chants to keep the children moving and inspired as they learn and bond together. Mind body builders benefit from learning to connect their positive outlook and energy with their active and growing bodies

Core Exercises

Classroom Photos

We use our sit-up-pass-over exercise to work as a team while working our core!

Our elbows are a joint; Joints are where two bones connect!

The "My Plate" visual shows us a perfectly balanced, healthy meal.  

Squats are an important part of strength training -- which helps our muscles grow!

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